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Trigger article
Bella Caledonia

Interview feature: Loki on 'Trigger Warning'

Jonathan Rimmer chats to Loki about his new record, which explores working class masculinity in the context of 21st century nationalism and identity politics

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Bella Caledonia

The Yellow Movement: A Scottish DIY Triumph

Reflect on this: five unsigned, independent bands managed to sell out a 2,000 capacity venue with very limited coverage from the mainstream media. That’s more than simply impressive; it’s absolutely unprecedented.

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Bella Caledonia

Should the pro-indy left do more to support Jeremy Corbyn?

For many people – and I include my own family in this, abandoning the party initially felt like a betrayal, like shedding a layer of your identity that you’d worn for years. Thus the oft-repeated saying came about: ‘I didn’t leave Labour, Labour left me.’

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Bella Caledonia

Voices for the Voiceless: Scottish Hip Hop in 2016

Jonathan Rimmer believes it's past time we started taking Scottish hip hop seriously.

Bella Caledonia

Taking Music East: Cultural Regeneration in Glasgow’s East End

Link broken - see Medium link.

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Bella Caledonia

Wider than Music: A Broad Commentary on the Challenges Facing ...

Music business events like Wide Days are more than just informative conferences for artists and promoters; they offer illuminating evaluation and ask challenging questions of the Scottish music industry as a whole.