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From Labour and Iraq to indyref: How Richard Walker became a pioneering Scottish editor

Jonathan Rimmer talks to The National’s founding editor about plurality of opinion and the need for less antagonism between pro-independence supporters and the Scottish media

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Jonathan Rimmer: We need to talk about Wings Over Scotland

In the wake of blogger Stuart Campbell’s reiterated remarks about the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, Jonathan Rimmer questions why he continues to be championed by the pro-independence movement

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Law Holt interview: "This country still has a problem with accepting people's backgrounds."

Jonathan Rimmer chats to Edinburgh-based experimentalist Law Holt about her new album, the EU referendum and being pigeonholed as an R&B singer

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How Corbyn-mania has shone a light on an unhelpful brand of SNP tribalism

Journalist Jonathan Rimmer says independence supporters must examine their strategies when it comes to Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn

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Essential New Release: Randolph's Leap – Cowardly Deeds ...

Randolph’s Leap are always fantastically fun without sounding too ostentatious. Cowardly Deeds is one of the most engaging records you’ll hear this summer.

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New Music Picks #3

Jonathan Rimmer rounds up the best new tracks from Scottish artists, or at least artists who are Scotland-based or on a Scottish label – he doesn’t judge

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February 2016 - Live Gig Reviews

FEBRUARY is a traditionally quiet month in the Scottish musical calendar, but resident live music junkie Jonathan Rimmer still found a few gems. Here are his picks for gigs of the month.

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We Came From Wolves join line-up at new Edinburgh music festival ...

CommonSpace's chief music writer Jonathan Rimmer reports

ANOTHER round of acts have been announced for the new Edinburgh city music festival The Big Discovery April 23, a multi-venue event set to feature a host of promising young Scottish bands, CommonSpace can reveal.

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New Music Picks #2

Jonathan Rimmer returns with another round-up of the month’s new singles and videos from Scottish acts

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January 2016 - Live Gig Reviews

The dreary weather couldn’t prevent resilient gig-goers from packing out shows in January. Jonathan Rimmer reviews a few of the month’s Scottish performers.

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Essential New Release: Jo Mango & Friends - Wrack Lines

CommonSpace music writer Jonathan Rimmer reviews a new EP from Jo Mango.

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The Trongate Rum Riots talk music, death and Roman orgies

Grabbing them before their set at Nice N Sleazy, our resident music writer Jonathan Rimmer chatted to them about everything from their energetic sound to their musings on Roman orgies...

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Common Space - New Scottish music picks #1

Jonathan Rimmer launches Common Space's new music column. The first segment features a review-round up of tracks by White, Bigg Taj, Mogwai, Nina Nesbitt and Little Waves.

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Common Space - Jonathan Rimmer: Why the centre ground cannot ...

Journalist Jonathan Rimmer examines Labour's strategy moving forward following the party's General Election defeat to the Tories and subsequent loss of Ed Miliband as leader