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Good Garage Music (2000-05): Breaking Out the Garage

Believe it or not, Burial, Skepta, Disclosure and James Blake were all influenced by the same scene. They all would have got into music during the late 90s/early 2000s so it makes sense that garage is in their DNA.

Good Dream Pop Music (2000-05): The Age of Haze

Whilst its origins are vague, with most people pointing to 80s gothic rock and 90s shoegaze as precursors, dream pop has turned out to be the perfect title for a genre that’s rooted in evoking atmosphere.

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Good Ska Music (1975-80): 2 Tone the New Tone • itcher mag

Ska music is fun – let’s be honest. It’s one of few widespread musical genres where you’re actually encouraged to dance like a nutter without a care in the world.

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Good Post-Hardcore Music (2005-10): Fighting against the Current ...

After a brief resurgence in the early 2000s, post-hardcore was practically consigned to the scrapheap by critics as a wave of new indie bands swept the country.

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Good Post-Punk Music (2010-15): The Wild & Dark • itcher mag

Thanks to its radical outlook and staying power, post-punk has proved to be one of the most influential movements in 21st century alternative music. Though the genre paved the way for successful mainstream acts in the 2000s, the 2010s has seen a subtle re-emphasis on the darker elements of the genre. ~ Jonathan Rimmer

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Good Grime (2005-10): Taking Back the Scene • itcher mag

Grime’s transition from an exclusively London-based art form to an international phenomenon remarkably took little over a decade. Though commonly confused with UK hip-hop, grime has developed a distinct, self-sufficient culture in itself.

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Good Dubstep Music (2010-15): The Future of Garage • itcher mag

The mainstream success of dubstep has triggered an explosion of interest from around the world. Rather than allowing the genre to become stale and stagnant, this generation of artists are seeking to transplant old-school garage and 2-step influences into new progressive sounds. ~ Jonathan Rimmer

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Good Progressive Rock Music (2000-05): Prog with an Edge • itcher mag

The early 2000s saw an explosion in rock bands adopting extended song structures, odd time signatures and unorthodox instrumentation. Many of these bands refused to adopt the prog label because they didn’t want to be seen as harking back to the genre’s past – but might that be their most progressive trait of all?

Good Grunge Music (2010-15): Tasteful Throwbacks • itcher mag

Over the past few years, we’ve had an influx of bands rocking fuzzy guitar tones and agitated lyrics. Is this the sign of a full-on comeback?

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Good Emo Music (1995-00): Twinkly Guitars & Whiny Vocals • itcher mag

The late 90s emo scene would profoundly influence the direction that rock and punk took in the following decade, particularly in the US. Combining the rawness of the post-hardcore scene with the more melodic indie sounds of the day, this wave of artists have finally begun to gain more recognition thanks to the internet. ~ Jonathan Rimmer

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Good Post-Hardcore Music (2000-05): Forgotten Heroes • itcher mag

Combining the energy of hardcore punk with more dynamics-based rock styles, the innovators of post-hardcore spearheaded one of the most diverse movements in rock history. By the early 2000s, the likes of Refused and At the Drive-In were well on their way to changing the shape of punk music forever

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Good Hip Hop Music (1990-95): An Old School Rap-Up • itcher mag

Hip hop as a genre has only spanned three-and-a-half decades – probably younger than half our readers’ parents – but its impact has been resounding. Everyone knows Biggie and 2pac, but do you know your West Coast G-Funk from your East Coast Boom Bap?

Good Post-Hardcore Music (2010-15): Punk's New Pioneers • itcher ...

Post-hardcore has always been one of the most fascinating genres in contemporary music because it challenges all preconceived notions of how music should sound.

Good Rock Music (1970-75): The Progressive Era

For some, progressive rock means stunning musicianship, compositional complexity and intelligent song concepts. Others will tell you it means pretentious rambling, tedious song writing and waffling about wizards and dragons.

Good Trip Hop Music (1990-95): Urban Psychedelia

There’s a smouldering intensity to trip hop that you won’t find in any other type of music. For all the beats are incredibly repetitive – usually being structured as such to create a hypnotic effect – the textures and samples used are what truly grabs the listener.