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Scotland Standup

Hector Bizerk: Scottish Hip Hop Pays Tribute

'From Louie’s outstanding fire-in-the-belly lyricism to Audrey’s powerhouse percussion and production their records have been insightful, boundary-pushing and culturally important.'

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Scotland Standup

Album Reviews Round-up: Second Quarter

Jonny blogs his thoughts on recent Scottish hip hop albums/EPs that have dropped this year, this time covering new material from the year's second quarter. Some of the albums on this list have also been covered on his series Fresh Cuts for BBC Scotland's social media project The Social (see links here).

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Scotland Standup

Fresh Cuts Episode 2 - BBC The Social

Check out Jonny's latest round of Fresh Cuts over on BBC's The Social. Episode 2 focuses on new releases by Gasp, K9 Kev and Big Shamu.

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Scotland Standup

BBC The Social - Fresh Cuts Episode 1.

Links to Jonny's new series 'Fresh Cuts' for the BBC. All social media statistics can be accessed via links on the blog.

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Scotland Standup

BattleCast: SSU chat to Chris Leese, Mackenzie, Cojay and more.

In this new podcast, SSU editor chats to the all the rap battlers from the inaugural Iron Barz event at SWG3, Glasgow.

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Scotland Standup

SSU Podcast Interview - Loki

In our usually conversational style, we delve into Loki's rap past and follow through into his future.

We talk about how he first got into music, The Being, Toy Control, the multiple youth groups he has led and older works in his discography.

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Scotland Standup

June 2016 - Soundcloud Goodies

The premise is simple with Soundcloud Goodies - we trawl through Soundcloud and give our opinions on new hip hop tracks.

Scotland Standup

SSU Music Podcast (April 2016)

April's podcast is here and we have a BIG announcement about the future of SSU that's worth listening in for. In this episode Scuba runs through the gig listings, Jonny talks about the Breaking the Barrier final and talks a little about upcoming albums he'll be reviewing. There's also some talk about the merits of trap production (as per usual).

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Scotland Standup

Scotland Stand Up: Album Reviews Round-Up: 2016 First Quarter (Part One)

Jonny blogs some thoughts on the new EPs/LPs from the first quarter of the year. This was initially intended to be released in a few weeks but we've been overwhelmed by the number of releases so far this year.

Scotland Standup

SSU Music Podcast (March 2016)

Including new hip hop from Max Scyther, Silvertongue, K9 Kev, Ill Az and more.
Jonny and Scuba also discuss accents in Scottish hip hop, upcoming events, our thoughts on recent shows and other assorted nonsense.

Scotland Standup

ABOUT SSU: Who are we? Meet the team.

Jonny is a freelance journalist. He is the main writer on Scotland Stand Up posting reviews and features, as well as appearing on the monthly round-up podcast. Jonny has covered the scene for an array of publications including The National, Stereoboard and UKHH. He has also featured on the BBC and is an RTS Award nominee.

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Scotland Standup

Podcast Interview: K9 Kev and Rory O'B

The SSU Team interview Oban rap veteran K9 Kev and up-and-coming talent Rory O'B.

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Scotland Standup

Feb 16 - Soundcloud Goodies (Jazz Spastiks, Bunty Beats, Bare Jokez, Gasp & Max Scyther)

Jonny and Scuba review new tracks released over the past month.

Scotland Standup

SSU Music Podcasts - January 2016

Steven 'Scuba' Duncan and Jonathan Rimmer are back with another podcast stacked full of Caledonian hip hop.

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Scotland Standup

SSU Blog

Link to Scotland Stand Up Hip Hop Blog.