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Nas – Life Is Good

For those who remember, or have come to appreciate, how hip hop used to be, Nas has always been somewhat of a beacon in the mainstream. His incomparable skill in piecing together a narrative, based pr...


Dub Pistols – Worshipping The Dollar | SKRBBLR | Music ...

Guest stars fail to lift LP as the 'Pistols meander in stagnant musical territory.


Mark Northfield – Alterations

I am half-tempted to write a really tongue-in-cheek, conceptual review for this album. My points and paragraphs could correspond uniquely and unconventionally, my grammar could refuse to do what it is...


Robinson – Beneath The Ballroom

Robinson: if you were expecting the grindcore band of the same name, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Folk-Pop with a continental twist would be closer to the mark on Beneath the Ballroom, and there’s ple...