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Jehst article

Moving, Mutating, Surviving: Jehst Talks 'Billy Green is Dead' - Stereoboard

A revered figure in the underground, comedian Romesh Ranganathan recently anointed him “hip-hop royalty” on his ‘Hip-Hop is Dead’ podcast. It isn’t hard to see why: he’s had a finger on the pulse with his social commentary since day dot.

Ftp article

Foster The People - Sacred Hearts Club (Album Review)

For all the different instruments and sounds and frequencies, Foster and co. don’t do anything remotely interesting with them. The best thing that can be said about the record is that it at least manages to be derivative of a range of different acts.

Anathema article

Fill In The Gaps: Anathema Evolve Further On 'The Optimist ...

First impressions count for a lot in the music business. If an artist nails a marketable aesthetic on their debut, it can dictate the direction of their entire career. That perhaps explains why Liverpool collective Anathema aren’t recognised as one of the greatest alternative rock bands to come out of the UK in the last three decades.

Vince article

Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory (Album Review) - Stereoboard

As Staples ponders on Party People: “How [am I] supposed to have a good time when death and destruction is all I see?” But instead of pulling out a magnifying glass, his natural artistic inclination is increasingly to show rather than tell. In this case, it’s made for a sharp, futuristic album that keeps you on your toes.

Jayz article

Jay-Z - 4:44 (Album Review) - Stereoboard

Jay-Z represents an era of rap that has all but run its course. More so than anybody else, the self-made superstar and business mogul has embodied hip-hop’s most wealth-obsessed era.

London grammar article

London Grammar - Truth is a Beautiful Thing (Album Review ...

It might seem unfair to the put the boot in to music so patently innocuous. But ‘Truth is a Beautiful Thing’ is a frustratingly tepid record that’s easy to listen to and easy to forget about.

Dreamcar article

Dreamcar - Dreamcar (Album Review) - Stereoboard

This is probably a one-off venture that won’t be revisited, but it’s no more a nostalgia trip than anything No Doubt or AFI are likely to release themselves.

Real estate article

Real Estate - In Mind (Album Review) - Stereoboard

In Mind isn’t retro for retro’s sake but rather an updated summary of how far the band have taken a sound that’s as addictive as it is limited in scope.

Jam baxter hb 100317 article

Off The Rails In Bangkok: Jam Baxter Talks 'Mansion 38' - Stereoboard

“We’re talking cocktails of pharmaceutical drugs and liquor. To be 100% honest, I don’t remember writing a lot of this album. Artistically, I wouldn’t say I regret any of it."

Mgk article

Machine Gun Kelly - Bloom (Album Review) - Stereoboard

It’s not the worst hip hop record ever made, but it might be the worst album by an Eminem mimic ever made – and that’s no easy feat.

Syd article

Syd - Fin (Album Review) - Stereoboard

In choosing to adjust her sound to suit a wider audience, Syd’s stylistically surrenders more than she needs to.

Fliptrix1 1  article

Pick Up The Pen: Fliptrix On The Thriving UK Hip Hop Scene And 'Patterns Of Escapism' - Stereoboard

Fliptrix isn’t "just a rapper". In many ways, he’s carried the UK hip hop scene on his shoulders for over half a decade. Since setting up High Focus Records in 2010 he’s helped launch the careers of artists who are now considered innovators

Noname hb 220816 1  article

Staff Picks: Jonathan Rimmer | Top 10 Albums of 2016

If ever there was a year for artists to get angry and radical, 2016 was obviously it. Surprisingly, though, some of my favourite records have been introverted, escapist affairs.

Covdifeuiaiv  f 1  article

Noname - Telefone (Album Review) - Stereoboard

She might have seemed like the awkward kid in a cypher on previous verses, but this is her world and her playful imagination is the best thing about it.

Sb aoty hb 191216 1  article

50 From 2016: Stereoboard's Albums Of The Year - Stereoboard

Stereoboard staff's top 50 albums of the year. Features contributions by me.