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Kutsuks article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Scottish Labour Should Ditch the Hardline Unionism - It Won’t Win Them Voters Back

Of course it’d be naïve to expect Labour to announce a wholesale policy shift towards independence when their elected representatives are almost unanimously against it. Nevertheless, the party need to recognise the political realities.

Yes article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Sadiq Khan’s Scottish Nationalism Comments Are As Frustrating As They Are Offensive

Fearmongering about nationalism simply won’t wash in a country set to be pulled out of a trading bloc it voted to remain in by an aggressively right wing government it didn’t vote for. Ideology and pragmatism easily trump patriotism as principal factors when deciding on independence.

N nigel farage donald trump 628x314 1  article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Nigel Farage Should Be A Pariah For Supporting Trump | Huffington Post

There isn’t any excuse that Farage can give for supporting Trump if he expects to be seen as an ethical human being, let alone a credible politician. Here’s the truth: Nigel Farage has the same ugly vision for the world that Trump does.

Jeremy corbyn bahrain 2 1  article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

If Corbyn is Hard Left Then A Lot of People Are Hard Left

Nobody’s suggesting that the left automatically hold the moral high ground, but it increasingly feels like holding a world view based on compassion is seen as ‘hard’ and ‘extremist’ in 21st century Britain. Whatever your politics, that should be recognised as a sad thing.

N labour nec 628x314 3  article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

The Left Need to Get Behind Corbyn... and Be Prepared If He Loses

The left need to get behind Corbyn because the alternative won’t help the party ‘win back voters’ and ‘gain electability’; they’ll just offer empty platitudes and chase wealthy voters.

Immigration article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Don't Vote Leave Out of Fear of Immigration - It's a Con.

It’s no wonder the right wing argument on immigration - that EU migrants are undercutting workers’ wages, taking up living space and putting pressure on public services - is now the prevailing narrative in the public consciousness.

S european flag large300 2  article
The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Young People Aren't Just Apathetic About the EU Ref - We Don't ...

Is it really a surprise that many young people have no interest in the EU referendum when its main combatants represent different strands of the Conservative right?