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The National's top 20 albums of 2015: Another year that Scotland ...

We invited Tenement TV’s Nadine Walker, Podcart and Scotsman blogger Halina Rifai and radio presenter/columnist Jim Gellatly on to our panel to choose our top 20 albums of 2015.

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The art of Gaelic hip hop: 'You can't help but be political when you ...

An aficionado of all African-American art forms, Griogair is influenced by both traditional Gaelic poets and New York emcees. It was only two years ago that he decided to conjoin the two styles.

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Scotland's No 1 funkateers Federation of the Disco Pimp release live ...

FEDERATION of the Disco Pimp solidified their place as Scotland’s premier funk band after a triumphant performance at the Glasgow Jazz Festival last Saturday.

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Acts to make 2016 all WHITE: We pick out the ones to watch in the ...

Acts to make 2016 all WHITE: We pick out the ones t...

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2015: The year in music

AS WE build up to our album of the year countdown next week, we discuss some of our favourite events, songs and bands of the year.

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Emotional Struggle

Jonathan Rimmer investigates Scotland's thriving "Ecossemo" scene.

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Glasgow's second annual Strugglefest punk rock festival showed the ...

GLASGOW played host to its very own punk festival at Audio a fortnight ago. The second annual Strugglefest, org- anised by DIY record label Struggletown Records, was an all-day event featuring punk, hardcore and emo bands from all over the UK.

Singles Round-Up - 21/11/15

IF you’re even remotely involved in Glasgow’s bustling club scene, there’s a good chance you’ll have come across Sega Bodega. The half-Chilean DJ has repeatedly captured the city’s imagination with his sprawling dance tracks.

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The hip hope artists: How rappers were turned on by the IndyRef ...

EARLIER this year, in an interview with student magazine qmunicate, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was asked the question on everyone’s lips: what was her opinion on the state of Scottish hip hop? Sturgeon admitted that she wasn’t “up to date”, but added that she loved Stanley Odd’s track Son, I Voted Yes.

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For those who prefer festivals with a difference: Loch Lomond Boat ...

WHILE tens of thousands descended on Strathallan Castle for T in the Park, a sizeable minority decided to head in a different direction last weekend. The Loch Lomond Boat Party sold out last Saturday, proving to be a resounding success in spite of the miserable Scottish weather.

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Wide Days: a music event that's set to be the business | Culture | The ...

SCOTLAND’S only annual music-business convention, Wide Days, has announced that it will return to Edinburgh on April 22-23. The convention will feature a variety of artist showcases, Ted-style lectures and networking activities over the course of the two days.

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Alternative Awards: Up and coming acts dominate this year’s SAMAs nominations

THE nominees have been announced for the sixth Scottish Alternative Music Awards on October 8, celebrating a diverse music scene that has produced 42 candidates over seven categories.

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Yellow Fever: A new movement is stirring in Scotland | Culture | The ...

THE term “underground music” tends to conjure up particular images for some people – grey, moody and counter-culture. Frank Zappa preferred to define it by suggesting that “the mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground.”

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Label Watch (December): Good Grief

Aficionados of left-field prog rock and noodlesome noise Good Grief! prove if you want something done, do it yourself

Fuzz-rockers Pinact round off memorable year with Inverness and ...

Interview with upcoming Scottish fuzz-rockers Pinact.