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This Is Anfield

Days We'll Remember – The countdown: 1-100 | This Is Anfield

Days We’ll Remember all our Lives : 100-1 Our 100 Days began last June, we have recalled most of the emotion-charged nights, the trophies that have been won and lost by a single goal, the dra...

This Is Anfield

Red Review: December 2008

DECEMBER began more or less how November finished ‘“ with a whimper. West Ham and Fulham’s journeys seemed almost parallel. Both had Liverpool old boys in their ranks, both parked themselves in front ...

This Is Anfield

Red Review: November ’08

The Red Review: November 2008
November; a month Liverpool have struggled with in recent history. Our proverbial mid-season slump historically starts here and fans were very aware that despite our very...

This Is Anfield

Red Review: October 08

September’s wins over Everton and Man United provided a huge boost in morale for players and fans alike. It wasn’t just that we won these matches, it was the manner that was also impressive. Suddenly ...

This Is Anfield

Red Review: September 08

September was an overall positive month for Liverpool. It could turn out to be the defining month in our season already for a number of reasons. The disappointing display against newly promoted Stoke ...